Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ceiling Fan Before and After

The one thing that stuck out on our master bedroom was the ceiling fan.  It was cheap, and had fake wood and brass...yuck! 

I was never a big fan of ceiling fans (haha), but holy moly, are they amazing during the summer time!  What they lack in asthetics they make up for in night-time comfort when the hubby's trying to snuggle you and it's about 100 degrees in the house!  Not to mention we live on a busy road, and having the windows open at night results in 3am wake-ups when sirens go off. 

But I digress!  I found the most AMAZING ceiling fan online, which I became obsessed with, because decent-looking ceiling fans (with lights!) are hard to come by:

*swoon!*  It's a 52'' Minka Aire Acero Steel and Nickel ceiling's a little modern, a little retro, and a whole heckuva lot better than what I've got going on.  Problem?  Oh, it's just $370.  *sigh* Oh Mr. Ceiling Fan...we will meet someday!

Well, I had to do something with the existing fan because it stuck out like a sore thumb.  Taking it down completely wasn't an option, so I disassembled as much I possibly could and spray painted it in pieces.  For the pieces that wouldn't come off the ceiling, I got a small jar of "silver leafing" paint, and painted it oh-so-delicately while standing on the bed with my arms extended up over my head.  Yours truly was NOT blessed with height. 

The result? Big improvement!  Total cost?  About $5, considering that I already had white and silver spray paint and only needed to get a small container of silver paint for manual application.  

It's not perfect...if you get up there reeeeeeal close you can tell that it's been painted, BUT no one's going to be doing that (I hope!).  It will at least hold me over until I can convince the hubby that I NEED a new ceiling fan...or until this one "breaks"  ;)


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