Monday, October 10, 2011

Antique Store Lamp

A couple of weeks ago I found this really awesome blue lamp at an antique can see it sitting in the corner of the room on a side table in this picture:

I paid $16 for it...probably a little bit more expensive than I what would normally spend, but I really liked it.  Not to mention it was sitting by itself in a corner looking sad.  So it came home with me :)

It needed to be rewired, so one night I pulled it apart and started washing all the glass and plastic connector pieces in the sink. 

I was so sad when the blue started coming off in the water!  It turns out that the glass was just painted...not colored.  :( Bummer.  But then I remembered this one blog post that I saw where you can use paint specifically made for glass to change its color!  Kind of like a stained-glass type effect.  After you put the paint on, you bake it in the oven to set everything.  I've seen a lot of people do it with the clear Ball/Atlas canning jars so that they look blue.  Anyway, a smidgen of glass paint (for the glass, obviously), and some spray paint (for the other lamp pieces), it was looking a lot better!  I found a rewiring kit at Home Depot for $10, and bought a shade for $15 at Lowes.  I covered the shade with some cute fabric from Joann's ($3) and then we were back in business!  I think that it turned out really cute! 

You can't tell from the picture, but my blue glass paint job isn't 100% perfect.  I actually used 2 different types of paints, and added in a little water to get a better consistency...this is not something that I recommend doing haha.  I was just tired of staring at all of the parts on my kitchen counter for about a week, I decided to just go for it and paint the glass already! 

I am excited to begin using my "new" old lamp!  AND I have some extra fabric left over from the lamp shade so maybe some cute throw pillows are in my future ;)


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