Sunday, October 16, 2011

Framed Earring Holder

Check out the inspiration for my latest project from IHeartOrganizing:

Isn't it sooo pretty?  And I mean, you can never have too many jewelry holders, right? The patterned metal is actually radiator grill material!  You can get it at home improvement stores, and it just so happened that I had some on hand when I spotted this project on Pinterest last week.  A 1' x 2' piece of this stuff costs about $20 for the more intricate patterns (like mine), but it would be cheaper for the simpler patterns ($10-15).

To make something like this, all you have to do is measure the grill material to fit a picture frame, and then snip it to size with some small metal clippers:

And then attach it to the inside of the picture frame.  I used a glue gun because it was easy and it's what I had:

And then voila!  A cute earring holder that's pretty much a work of art itself!  I'm thinking that I might hang it up later on, but for right now it's just sitting on the dresser in our bedroom:

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