Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So because I don't have adorable children to dress up as little pumpkins and ghosts, I went to the next best thing--my dog!  I reallyyyy wanted him to be a little princess or fairy, because he is kinda wimpy (couldn't fight his way out of a cardboard box) and is very superficial.  When I say superficial, I mean that in the voice that the hubster and I have for him, he likes to 'say': "Mom, look at how ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiculously good looking I am!" (those of you who have seen the movie Zoolander will appreciate that). 

Anyway, I got a resounding "NO!" from the hubster when I mentioned that I wanted to make a tutu for Max, so I decided that making a lion's mane was the next best thing: 

If dogs could talk, I'm pretty sure that he would be saying "Mom, I just look ridiculous right now"  And I'm sure that he would have thrown in another couple of choice words that are not repeatable at this point in time. 

Actually, when he laid down on the ground with it on, I couldn't see any of his face, and he looked more like a mop than a lion.  Intentional?  No, but if he wants to embrace the cleaning lifestyle (instead of being the mess-making problem), I would happily accept :)

Max tolerated the mane a lot more when I pushed it down around his neck like an over-sized collar, so we'll see how long he keeps it on tomorrow night!  I'm sure that he will be beside himself with joy at the sound of the doorbell and the sight of little kiddies all night, so maybe he won't even care. 

PS: No chair update yet...but I am working on it as we speak (type?), so hopefully this week sometime!  woo!


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