Friday, October 14, 2011

New Nightstands!

When I was 12 or so, my parents bought me a headboard, dresser, and night stand with the idea in mind that I would take them with me when I moved out of the house.  (They gave me 2 options...neither of which my 12 year old self was entirely pleased with, but I sure appreciate it today!)  Sure enough, I continue to use those babies to this day (well, the headboard has currently been retired due to the new tufted headboard that I made).  But I'm staring at the dresser and nightstand as I type right now. 

My current issue is with the night stand.  The hubster likes to set his glass of water on the night stand (with a coaster...finally...took me months to get him to do this).  This would be fine if he weren't so gosh darn spastic in the middle of the night...within the past few months, he's tipped more glasses of water over in the middle of the night than...umm...all the fingers on one hand.  OK, so not a TON of times, but when you have water sitting for hours on a nice piece of wood furniture, it doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy.  So began my quest for 2 cheap matching nightstands.

I fell in LOVE with these night stands over at All Things Thrifty:


Aren't they sooo pretty?  They stuck in my mind ever since I first saw them forever ago.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything remotely similar to them.  Bummer!  But the other day I did find these cuties on good 'ol craigslist for a whole whopping $20.  Woo! 

They are cute, a little bit retro modern, and they were CHEAP.  Cheap being my favorite part :)

They needed a make-over though...and I was itching to try yellow.  Since my bedroom is grey with yellow accents, they would fit right in.  So it began!

Two coats of primer:

I took over the hubby's garage during this stage of the while I was out having fun painting, he was stuck inside washing dishes (his one "inside" chore). He kept whistling really a bid for attention, maybe?  Who knows, I cranked the radio and then it wasn't an issue anymore ;)

Two coats of Valspar's Yellow...

A little distressing with sandpaper, and the some glaze!  You can see the difference between the glazed (left), and non-glazed (right).  I'd never used glaze before, but I was really happy with how it turned out. 

Glazing in the driveway...

Stenciling with the same set of stencils that I used for the rug in our livingroom.  To get the color that I wanted for the stencils, I mixed a bronze metallic acrylic paint with some black acrylicto get something that resembled the oil-rubbed-bronze that I used to spray paint the handles with. 

And voila!  Some cute cheap nightstands that will hopefully tolerate water better than my old one :)

Don't they look nice in our bedroom?  I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

One final before and after shot:


 Yay!  I can't wait to get started on some more painting projects!


  1. Sara, these are all amazing!! I can't believe you've done these all yourself. And they're all coming out so pretty, which I do expect from you. The house looks amazing in the pics too!!!

  2. Pretty and fun! I love that you kept the stencil pattern random!