Saturday, October 8, 2011

Painted Rug!

One project that I'd seen a lot of recently around several different blogs is the "painted rug".  Rugs that are made of natural material such a sisal and jute can be painted any way you want...and they look so nice!  Check out some of my inspirations:

Red Geometric Rug:

 Blue Chevron Rug:

 Quatrefoil Rug:

Rugs USA had a big sale around Labor Day, so I bought an 8' x 10' jute rug for $206 (including was freeee!).  It sat rolled up behind our couch for weeks...until last weekend ;)  I was thinking of doing a stencil, but I didn't want to spend $40 for one online, and making my own sounded too intimidating because I knew that I would end up spend hours getting everything symmetrical an then cutting it out.  Eeesh! 

Then, I was putzing around Michaels (with hubby in tow..."Can we leave already?!") when I saw that Martha Stewart had come out with her own line of paints and stencils.  Oh Martha, is there anything that you haven't thought of??  The stencial was $16, but I got 20% off for signing up for Michaels discount card, so the total was around $13 or so.  Sooo much better than $40, and I got the bonus of instant gratification!

So I happily drove home and plotted the rug re-vamp.  I set up shop in our bedroom because it was the largest room where I could both roll out the rug and block the puppy out so that he wouldn't be prancing all over my paint job. 

So it began:

Taping the stencil down...

I had to use a small brush because the stencial was so detailed!  Here I am dabbing for the millionth time!

Max thinks that it looks good, even though he can't dance on it yet :)

**Haha, I'm sitting on it and there's nothing you can doooo**

I LOVE the rug in the livingroom now!  It looks sooooo nice!  And I'm hoping that it will clean easily as well, since the puppy tracks in dirt about every other day. 

Detail of the corner piece:

Sideline view! 

Bottom line is that I love it so much I would definitely consider doing it again, although I would probably use a bigger stencil so that I don't have to use a small painting brush to get all the details!


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