Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some wreath ideas...

So about 2 months ago, I was on a big wreath-making kick.  I'd seen a lot of yarn wrapped wreaths on pinterest, and just thought that they looked so pretty and simple to do, so I set out to make a few myself.  If you look up "yarn wreath" you will find sooo many pretty ideas to try, it is unreal

The inspiration:

The base for the wreath is just one of those compacted straw wreath forms that you find in a craft store, next to the grapevine wreath forms.  You could probably use styrofoam for a base too, but I used the straw one because it was on sale and the cheapest! 

Next, I went for the yarn section.  I went for a thicker, more "fluffy" yarn...I think that I used Bernat's "roving" yarn.  If you use really thin yarn, you run the risk of being able to see your wreath through the yarn if there is a little gap, plus you'll have to wrap that baby about a million times to cover it all!

One thing of yarn made about 2.5 wreaths...which meant that I had to go back for more yarn to finish the 1/2 wreath that I had already started when I ran out.  And then, while I was there, I got another yarn color, which would take me another 2.5 wreaths...and there you can see the vicious yarn cycle that I suddenly became trapped in.  There were sooo many colors to choose from, it's almost like an addiction!

BUT, I digress!  So after I had my wreaths wrapped, then came the fun part of decorating them.  I had made some pink felt flowers a while back...and initially had the idea of doing a whole wreath with them, but after making 3 flowers over the course of 1.5 hours, quickly decided that this was not how I wanted to spend my free time, just to complete 1 wreath :).  So, yarn wreath base + pink felt flowers + feather accents = ta-da!

It's cute because our front door is a dark grey, and the light-colored wreath is really visible from the road.  And I'm a sucker for pink...much to my husband's dismay ;)

The wreath that I currently have hanging on our front door uses peacock feathers though.  I got the feathers at Hobby Lobby for 50%, so each one was only $1.  The feathers were another "I'll-buy-these-now-even-though-I-don't-know-what-I'm-going-to-do-with-them-yet" kind of purchase.  The best part is, I didn't even have to glue the feathers on!  I used those straight pins that you would use for sewing and attached the feathers that way by angling the pins so that they formed a little "x" bridge over the feather.  Sooo easy, and that way I could rearrange the feathers later on...or take them off altogether, if peacock feathers are too big of a committment ;)

Unfortunately, because our door is so dark, this wreath doesn't stick out as much as the first one, but it works for right now.  I might bring it inside for the holiday season and "force" myself to make another Christmas-y wreath...ha, as if it would be a burden to break out Mr. Glue Gun again. 

So, there you go!  Two really easy wreath ideas, both using a yarn-wrapped base.  I'm sure that you will be seeing more of these from me in the future!


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