Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Update

Hey all! Even though this is a little late, I hope that you had a good weekend…I know that I did, even though I didn’t as much done as I normally do in any given weekend.  On Saturday I went to a furniture refinishing class by the lovely lady Darice at Vintage Charm.  In it, she went over the basics of how she refinishes furniture, such as the steps she takes, and the products/tools she uses.  Then we got a chance to try some of it out for ourselves, which was really cool.  One of my biggest peeves is trying out a new product, just to find out that you don’t like, or it doesn’t work, and then you’re out of at least $5 – 10!  Ahhh, so frustrating!  BUT, another plus of the workshop was that I also got to check out some of the furniture that she’s done (and some of the stuff that she’s working on right now!), and it is SOOO pretty!   Check out some her past pieces:

All of her stuff has really cute drawer liners!  Makes me want to run out and get the supplies to do them in all of my drawers.  

This one has a decal on top!  Such a good idea...

Finally, this is the one piece that I found on craigslist (she sells all of her pieces), that first introduced me to her work.  Lovely!

Hopefully someday I’ll work my up to doing some stuff like that, but for right now, I’ll keep on perfecting my technique on smaller items :)

So after I left the workshop, of COURSE I was in a mood to go find some awesome furniture to work on next.  I stopped at a thrift store and got this baby for $5!  I actually had no intentions of bringing anything home that day, but it was so cheap, and in good shape, and it was practically calling my name “….saaaarrrrraaaaa…”.  Ehhh…bottom line is, I don’t think that I have much self control ;)

I can't wait to get started on it!  Hopefully I can wipe it down and get to work on Thursday or Friday, so keep an eye out for a chair update this weekend ;)

Anyway, I hope that you all have a good week! 

PS: One quick note...a big congrats to my friend Colleen who just found out that she's having a little baby GIRL today!  I can't wait to try out a couple of baby projects in the next few months! :)

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  1. well now i have to step it up from being a lurker to being a commenter! bethany and i are so insanely jealous of your endless ideas! love checking in to see your latest project. (that pallet table -- supreme awesomeness). thanks for the shout-out. we're super thrilled!!