Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faux Feather Christmas Tree

A while ago, I remember seeing this picture in a Martha Stewart magazine:

I just love the look of this type of's so minimal and cute.  And it doesn't shed needles, which is a major plus ;)

If you've ever searched for how to buy one of these beauties, you know that they are ridiculously expensive.  Like several hundred dollars that I just don't have expensive :(  Boo.  So a few weeks ago, I began searching around for a tutorial on how to make my own. 

Then, I found this great tutorial over at Jane Avion.  She gave really great instructions, and even included diagrams on how it goes together!  I followed her directions exactly.  The tree's form is comprised of fairly thick (16 gauge) wire that is bent into shape, and then the entire form is wrapped in fuzzy yarn, which gives it its feathery look. 

I looked high and low for a good week for wire that I could use for this craft.  Lowes and Home Depot didn't have it, and all I could find at a craft store was jewelry wire, which was super de-duper expensive for what I was going to be using it for.  Finally, I searched at Tractor Supply Center, and voila!  They had a 100ft spool of 17 gauge wire for electric fences for $2.99.  You can find it online here

{{Fun fact:  TSC has baby chicks and ducks for sale in the spring-time!  I loooove going there and fawning over them cause they are so gosh darn cute!}}

The yarn that I ended up using was Lion's Brand "Fun Fur" in white.  I only needed one "ball" of it.  It really didn't look like a ball when I bought it...more like an oblong cylinder, but you get the idea ;)
I had a bit of yarn left after the tree was done...I used it for another craft project that you will see very soon!

I don't have many any pictures of me making the was not very interesting anyway...just a lot of snipping with my little wire snippers, and then wrapping the yarn so much that I swore that I was going to go cross-eyed!  Plus I was watching re-runs of the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" while I was working, so I was also some-what pre-occupied! 

I think that it turned out pretty well!  I'm thinking that I should probably get a few more ornaments to spice things up a bit. (You know you live a simple life when switching up ornaments constitutes as "spice").  I used a Ball canning jar filled with sea glass to anchor the tree down, and so far it seems to be working pretty good. 

I am considering using this as our actual christmas tree this year.  We have twice as much furniture in our living room this year, so I'm not sure where we'd put an actual full-sized tree anyway.  I know that the hubby is rooting for no tree...he hates having to set it up! 

Do you plan on having a real tree or a fake tree?  Do you have it set up already?


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