Thursday, November 17, 2011

No-Sew Pillows

I mentioned in my last blog entry here that I got to have my little sister over this past weekend.  And it just so happens that she's crafty just like her big sister (awww, I'm so proud!).  So Saturday night I took her to Joann Fabrics and we picked out materials to make no-sew pillows together. 

These are super easy to do!  We got enough fleece to fit the size of the pillow, plus an additional 4-5'' (so there is about 2'' or so of overhang on either side of the pillow).  In the first picture here, we are cutting the fleece to size. You can't see it, but there are two pieces of fleece (one for the front of the pillow, and one for the back!).

Next you cut fringes along all four sides of your fleece squares/rectangles.  Make sure that you have your fabric sides facing the way that they will actually go together at the end!  If you have to "flip" one, you'll probably be off on the fringes when you go to tie them together.  And you will also need to angle the fringes as you go around corners.  Can you tell that little sis was thrilled at having her picture taken? Again, just like her big sister ;)

Max desperately wanted to come snuggle with us, but he would have gotten in the way of our craftiness!  So we blocked him out of the room with a piece of wood.  And yes, that small piece was enough to keep him out!  Sometimes a mental barrier is all you need ;)

So once you're done cutting your fringes, stick your pillow in the middle of the two pieces and start tying the coordinating fringes from each piece of fleece together.  It's easier to match them up if you start at a corner. 

And ta-da!  Two finished pillows!  Mine is the one on the right, and little sis' is the one on the left.  I plopped mine on the couch the next matches perfectly with the sweater pillows that I made here.  Ahhh, so festive and holiday appropriate! :)


  1. Love these! sister taught me how to make fleece blankets like that but I never thought about pillows!! I will have to try that..I wanted some decorative pillows for my bed and couldn't find any I liked(or that I could afford!) So this will definitely be one of my new projects! Thanks for the idea!!! -Megan :]

  2. This reminds me of big/little projects :-)

  3. @Erin Button Yes! That's where I got the idea from. Those projects were always sooo much fun!

  4. @Anonymous No problem! And if you need coupons to Joann Fabrics, you just let me know and I will hook you up :)