Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Garlands

Last weekend I made a couple of really simple garlands and hung them in the living room...they make everything look sooo much more Christmas-y...I love it!

OK, so you can't tell from the pictures above, but both of these babies *g-l-i-t-t-e-r*!

I got a couple of bags of cinnamon-scented pinecones at Joann Fabrics during Black Friday.  I took some of them outside, and one-by-one spray-painted them white, and then quickly rolled them in some craft glitter before they dried.  They, I used Lion's "Fun Fur" yarn to string them together  in the doorway.  This was leftover from my faux feather christmas tree that I made last weekend as well! 

The snowflakes in the snowflake garland were also purchases that I made on Black Friday.  They are those little holiday accent thingys that you would add to wreaths etc.  (And they were 50% off!)

I took some little metal snippers and cut off most of the stem.  Then, I used needle-nose pliers to bend the remaining stem part into a loop:

Then, I strung those together with the Fun Fur yarn as well.  Instead of nails to hang the garland up, I used those little straight pins that sewers use to pin cloth together.  They work really well if you're just attaching something light into sheetrock, and the holes that they leave are a LOT smaller than if you use nails. 

As you can guess, I've got a silver/glitter theme going on...with little pops of red.  It goes really well with my light green living room walls! 

How much decorating have you done for the holidays? 


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