Monday, December 19, 2011

Flower Power

I'm a big fan of flowers...I love to get them, but since I usually feel weird buying myself flowers, I jump at the chance to get them for someone else!  My favorite part is browsing through the flower section and picking out the ones that I want to use...different flowers are in season during different times of the year, so the selection is always changing.  

I'm lucky enough to live near a grocery store that always carries a good selection of cut flowers.  Those of you from Upstate New York know what I'm talking about when I say that Wegmans is a fantastic place to shop!  They always have arrangements pre-made, but they are kinda expensive, so about a year ago I took a shot at making my own flower arrangement and came up with super simple recipe for a pretty bouquet. 

Its so simple.  All you need is:
1.  a main flower
2.  an accent flower
3.  some greenery

For example:

Sunflowers, hypericum berries, and some greenery

Roses, little pink accent flowers, and some seeded greenery
 I never use real glass containers for the arrangements because that could get expensive.  Instead, I rummage around in the recycling bin and reuse what I've already got:

I use a razor blade to cut off the top of the juice container, and take off the labels:

I used to start arranging the flowers while holding them in my hand, but that always ended awkwardly because when you put the flowers in the container, they aren't being held tight anymore.  Things fluff out, and you pretty much have to start again because everything shifts!

Instead, I use tape to divide up the opening of the container.  This keeps the flowers in the general spot where you placed them, rather than having them get all floppy on you.  I think that this is something I read in a Martha Stewart article last year, and it works soooo well!  Before I place the flowers, I trim the stems with either scissors or my little tin snippers. 

I usually start with the main flowers, and then fill in with the accent flowers and the greenery after they are in place. 

The roses and some greenery are in...getting ready to add the pink accent flowers!

After you've got your bouquet looking nice, I usually use tissue paper or a scrap of fabric to hide the container.  A rubber band holds the tissue paper/fabric in place, and then I use a ribbon to hide the rubber band!

Two bouquets that I put together for Thanksgiving!

Voila!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy ;)

An arrangement that I did this past weekend for pre-Christmas celebration.
 This arrangement has spray roses (smaller than regular roses), and gold-frosted eucalyptus.  The gold did not want to stay on the greenery!  I had allll over me by the time I was done...I looked like an awards statuette, but with crazy hair ;)  I used a scrap of burlap to cover the juice container, and finished it off with a white ribbon. 

Each of the bouquets that I put together cost around $20 to do.  Some are a little more, some are a little less, but they are always under $25.  So it's very reasonable, and best of all, people are always happy to get some pretty flowers :)


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