Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Purty Coat Hooks

Hola!  Sorry I've been away for so long!  Last Friday I had to go to Maine for work.  My company served as the contracting engineer for a wind turbine installation at a VA hospital up there...and since my boss was already at a site visit in Florida (lucky!), I was the one who got to go up there.  It actually worked out well because I swung down and visited one of my girlfriends from college who lives in Boston, MA now!  I had a great time, but I am sooo not used to that kind of exitement and travel because I was so tired when I got back ;)  I ended up sleeping 12 hours the night after I got back home.  I can honestly say that this past Sunday was the laziest day that I've had in several years. 

Anyway, Hobby Lobby came to our town this past summer, and oh my goodness, do they have the best knob and hook selection!  OK, well I'm sure that if price weren't an issue, you probably could find prettier ones, but these are seriously adorable, and the price is perfect.  The Hob Lob frequently has 50% off deals, and I snagged 5 metal hooks, for 50% off, and each one ended up being $3 or less.  See this link here for all of their hooks (and check out their cute knobs too!).  

Cast Iron Hook with Floral Design - $5.99 (source)
 I really loved the hooks, but I am currently going through a metallic-y silver phase, so I whipped out my can of Krylon Silver, and did about 3 coats on all of them.  Then, I set them on my banister and left them there...

1 month went by...

2 months went by...

I'm pretty sure that they sat there for at least 3-4 months.  They were sad.  I was sad too...but mostly just too lazy to hang them  ;)

So I finally got around to it about two weekends ago.  I used a level and a measuring tape to figure out the spacing that I wanted.  Then I installed some drywall anchors so that the hook screws had something to grab on to. 

Normally, one would use a drill to drill pilot holes for the drywall anchors.  I used a small flat head screwdriver and a hammer to ream out a hole in the wall becauuuuuuse:

Yeah, you see that?  That's not exactly frosting on that drill there.  The hubster, being the mechanic that he is, leaves grease on EVERYTHING, so I usually end up dirtier than when I started when I use his tools.  And he wondered why I asked for my own drill for Christmas ;) Silly boys! 

My tools of choice: a flat head screw driver and a hammer

My entry-way before:

My entry-way after:

And ta-da!  New wall hooks!  I should have installed them a long time ago because they actually prevent a lot of stuff from being thrown on the end of the couch.  And they look puuuuurty!

PS: the "You + Me" wall hanging that you see in the picture above can be found here.

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