Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revamping the hallway!

Ahhh, I know that it's been a while since my last post!  Well, only a week or so.  The holidays were in full swing, and I was busy wrapping and baking, and there wasn't much new stuff to show!  But I'm back, and I'm so ready to tackle some more projects in the next few weeks! 

My latest redo was the short little hallway in our house.  Because our house isn't especially large, the hallway is actually visible from just about every room that you walk into.  It's tan-colored walls just weren't doing it for me anymore, and I thought that it needed a little "something special" so I decided to start tackling it about a month ago. 

First I ripped out the existing molding.  Then, the hubster helped me hang two new doors: one for our bedroom, and one for the spare bedroom. 

With the new doors in, I was finally able to put up some new door casing and baseboard molding:

The hallway actually sat for several weeks with the new molding...if there's one thing that I hate, it's filling in all of those darn nail holes!  I swear, I'd get out my putty and fill about 50 SOON as I put it away, I'd find about 5 more that I missed ;)  Then, sometimes you need to fill in some holes twice, and then sand everything.  Arrrrgh, dust everywhere! 

As a side note:  the people who owned the house before us were super fond of painting over dry wall anchors...I don't know why, but there were about 5 of them in one was like the poor wall had pimples :(

I've never gotten lucky with removing dry wall anchors...the ones I work with are usually quite attached to their current location, and don't want to come out with just a little prying.  BUT, I found a really easy way to get them out!  Just take a screw, screw it into the dry wall anchor a ways, and then take your favorite pair of pliers and pull it out.  Fill in with joint compound and sand.  Voila!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy ;)

So yeah, from there it was just painting the molding...painting the walls...touching up my the molding everytime my dog walked past the wet paint.  You know, the normal stuff ;)

Another side note: see those vent grates?  Aren't they so cute?!  They are made from radiator grill material and some trim molding from the hardware store!  And I attached them to the walls with velcro for the time being until I can figure out something better. 

I wanted to do a stencil or something simple on all of the walls, but I thought that the pattern might clash with the rest of the house since the hall way leads into the dining room.  So I opted to do some subtle metallic-y stripes just on the wall at the end of the hallway. 

Sooooo...funny thing about metallic shows everything.  And I mean everything.  See the texture on the wall from the roller that I used?  Yeah, that's 100% dry paint, and you can still see the texture from the foam roller.  Bummer! 

So I took a paint brush and starting in the lower left corner, did some fish scale strokes to give a subtle constant pattern to the metallic stripes.  You can't see it looking straight on at the wall, but from an angle, it looks pretty cool!

So there are the stripes! Fun and funky, but they aren't obnoxiously loud or anything ;)

The finishing touch was hanging a pink mirror.  I mentioned the mirror a while back in this post.  It used to be a light pink, but I spray painted it bright pink.  Hey, go big or go home, right??

I love the hallway now!  Hopefully I will get started on redoing the spare bedroom sometime soon!  I'll have to show you my inspiration for that sometime later this week! :)


  1. Your transformation is spectacular! I LOVE the pink mirror...tooo freaking cute! Glad I found you on thrifty decor chick, your blog is fab and I am your newest follower! Please stop by sometime and say hi!

  2. @Tabitha Thank you so much! :-D I will definitely stop by and check out your projects sometime!

  3. What kind of metallic paint did you use for this project?!?! Dying to know!

  4. Ok, seriously you sound EXACTLY like me! haha It was the absolute worst feeling to see it start to clump and lift - my bubble was burst. I love how the fishscale pattern looks and you're right, I'm sure you can't even notice it unless you're standing right underneath it looking up. I think I'm going to have to look into some other options since I wanted to do all 4 walls in the shimmer. Fishscaling would take me an eternity! haha. Ho hum....

  5. I love it! If I didn't have a door/hall closet at the end of my hall I would totes steal this look!