Friday, January 13, 2012

Antique Store Finds

Ah, we finally got our first "real" winter snow today...on Friday the 13th! ;)  So far we have about 4-5'', and it's still snowin' and blowin'.  So I am curled up in front of a space heater, and will probably watch a movie later on...cause it's just one of the nights. 

Last weekend I hit up two antique stores in Syracuse, NY, and I thought that I would show you some of my favorite finds.  Overall, I was very good...I think that I took $40 with me, and spent less than $25.  I was on the lookout for a “new” dining room tablecloth because I still had my Christmas one up.  I am also interested in starting a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments, so I was keeping an eye out for those.  

If you’re ever in the Syracuse area, there is one place in particular that you should definitely check out.  The Syracuse Antiques Exchange is in this huge old building, and it has four (4!) floors packed with the most amazing eye candy ever.  It’s also located super close to the Carousel Mall, which is quite the bonus.  (This is actually where I got my blue lamp base before) Check out some of the cool stuff that I found:

Mod candle stick...which, priced at $85 was definitely outside my price range!  But I love it's unique shape. 

Another mod chair...if you were to recover the seat, I bet that it could fit just about anywhere in your house.  And it was only $50, which is fairly reasonable.  Bonus: it was also super comfortable!

Stained glass was randomly placed all over the store.  Smaller, less intricate pieces could go for as little as $80, whereas the bigger, more fancy stuff could cost you several hundred dollars.  Wouldn't it look pretty hanging on a wall or over a doorway though?

The store also has a fantastic selection of antique lamps and glass lamp covers.  Sorry for the bad picture was dark in that area, ironically, considering all the lamps over there ;)

And lastly, these cute little guys were sitting up in the front of the store.  At $295 apiece, they were pretty expensive, but hey, a girl can dream, right??

The second place that I went to is another place located just north of Syracuse called At the Farm.  It definitely has way more random non-antique (aka crap) things in there…I don’t remember it being quite that bad the first few times that I was there.  But the prices are quite reasonable, and sometimes you can find some good stuff.  There is one vendor there that has a lot of old Pyrex dishes and linens.  I also got some blue Ball glass jars there over the summer for pretty cheap!

I ended up finding the table cloth that I wanted…as soon as I saw it, I think that I actually squealed out loud ;) Hey, when ya know, ya know! It even has little wispy strands of silver thread running through it, and it was only $15!  Yay!

I got three Christmas ornaments at the first antique store, ranging in price from $0.50 - $1.50 .  I also got two more vintage Christmas ornaments at the second store (in addition to the table cloth)…this time for $3 apiece. 

Someday I am going to go back for a matching set of Pyrex bowls…ahhh, I am developing an obsession for them!  So durable and colorful! 

Do you ever go to antique stores or thrift stores?  What do you usually look for?


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