Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Cleaning Kick + Spare Bedroom Inspiration

So the house underwent some pretty amazing organizing this past weekend.  I have to give like, 90% credit to the husband (10% of the kudos to me for maybe giving him a “gentle push” to start).  Actually, all I asked was that he help me move all of the schtuff from the third bedroom down into the basement so I can start taking measurements for molding.  Instead, he cleaned/reorganized the basement, THEN helped me move everything.  So now we actually have a usable basement, AND an empty third bedroom.  Score!  

Sidenote: the basement looked just as bad, if not worse than the spare bedroom's "before" shot, which you can see below!  I don't have before pics...consider yourself lucky!

Just for kicks, I have to show you how much I had been packing into the spare bedroom…it’s actually kind of embarrassing, but I feel like I should show you how truly disorganized I can be.  My life is not all fabulous craft projects and pretty pictures ;)  No judging though…I know that you all have something similar in your house, even if it’s just a tiny drawer in some unused corner of the garage! ;)



Umm yeah.  Organization is NOT my virtue.  My craft room closet is a constant battle, and my desk at work…well, my method there is just to “pile it”.  Ehhh…no one’s perfect, right?

So, onward to bigger and better things!  I wanted to show you some of the ideas that I’ve been throwing around in my head for the third bedroom.  It all started out with this chair:

Isn’t it amazing?  My dad refinished it for us as a wedding gift.  He let me pick out the fabric, and I love it so much.  I knew that I wanted to center the room’s design on this chair, but I could not figure out a general color scheme for the longest time.  All of the other rooms in my house are primarily cooler colors (grey, green, blue), and this chair was red and cream and brown, which are all warm colors.  Plus, it had a more traditional vibe to it, and as you’ve seen from my past blog posts, my personal style is more contemporary and modern. 

All that changed when I spotted these curtains on Urban Outfitter’s website.  (I hung one of them up in my closet doorway to give you an idea of how they look, since the thumbnail pics on the website were teeny tiny and I couldn't copy them over easily)

The more muted colors would go well with the chair, but the sequins kept things from being traditional compared to the rest of the house.  I ended up getting 4 panels…two for the window, and two for the closet door (because I really hate those sliding doors!).  Each panel was only $21 (so, $84 total), because they were on sale from $65 down to $25, plus, I got an extra 20% off because everything that I ordered totaled more than $100. 

The next week, I found these adorable knobs at Joann Fabrics, which seemed to fit well with the general theme that I was going for:

At $2.50 apiece (60% off!), I considered them to be a good deal considering what cute/unusual knobs usually go for (at least $5+), and picked up 7 of them, with plans to eventually redo a small desk that I picked up from craigslist last year for $30: 

Finally, I was rooting around websites one night and spotted this pillow. The pattern itself won’t go with what I’m planning, but the color scheme is perfect.  Up until then, I was thinking red, brown, and cream for the main colors, with gold as an accent.  But the purple seems to fit well in there  with the red and yellow on the pillow, so maybe I can have my cool-colored walls after all :) I’m sure that the hubby would LOVE a purple guest room ;) 

I also eventually want to get a day bed…maybe with a trundle underneath that pulls out.  This way, people would have a place to sleep when they come to visit (other than the couch!).  But that’s later on down the line.  Gotta focus on the big picture first! 

This coming weekend I hope to go get some new molding for the bedroom, and possibly get all of the old molding ripped out of there.  Maybe some paint samples to get a wall color narrowed down?  Since the room is empty right now, I moved my miter saw right in, which will make it super easy to get everything cut to size (rather than running in and out of the garage—where I usually keep my big power tools).  I will have to let you know how it goes!