Monday, January 30, 2012

A couple of tips and tricks to consider...

Hola!  I hope that you all had a splendid weekend.  I made some major progress on the third bedroom that I’ve been talking about so much lately.  I installed new molding last Thursday and Friday night after work, and on Saturday, one of my girlfriends friend came over and helped me get all of the walls painted (thanks Beth!).  I convinced the husband to put in new outlets on Sunday, and I’ve been patching up nail holes in the molding in between all of that, and will hopefully get all of the molding painted white within the next few days.  And oh yes, Max (our puppy) has been "helping" with all of the above ;)

So, long story short, I don’t have any crafts to show you.  I know, big time bummer.  I do, however, have a couple of smaller tips that might help you with your next renovation project, whatever/whenever that may be. 
First, picking paint colors.  If you’re trying to decide between colors, I’ve been told that you’re supposed to paint a good-sized test swatch on your wall, and ideally in a couple of different places around your room, depending on the light/furniture etc.  Although really, if you’re just looking to find your perfect color, and not necessarily paint your  room TOMORROW, who wants those random test swatches stuck up on your wall?  A while ago, I picked up some art canvases at my local craft store because they were on sale.  So I grabbed two of them and painted them with my two test samples.  That way, I had large mobile blocks of color that I could move around the room and see how they looked from different angles.  Perfect! 

Oh yeah, I never took any actual pictures of me actively comparing the test swatch the above picture is as good as it gets!  (after the molding installation, and before the painting commences)  The best part is that after you're done with the canvases, you can either repaint over them for the next time, or cover them with fabric and make some wall art. 

Second, I love to listen to music while I work.  I usually listen to Pandora (internet radio) through my laptop, but unfortunately, not all of my work environments are laptop friendly.  Last week I was using a miter saw to cut molding and the saw dust was just flying everywhere!  To keep the laptop clean ‘n pretty, I used saran wrap and put it over both the screen and the key board.  To my delight, the track pad still worked through the plastic, and the static cling between the computer and saran wrap held it firmly in place, so there was no dust that snuck under the protective cover.  I also used this method while I painted on Saturday.  That way, I could keep my music going, but not have to worry about getting purple paint on my computer (which would probably make it look prettier, but the hubby might not be too crazy about it!). 

I'm thinking that I might need to do the saran wrap full time on my computer. See, I used to be the proud owner of a beautiful macbook...until I killed it with a nice tall glass of water. :(  Twice.  The second time it couldn't be fixed. :'( Fortunately, I am an over-planner, and had bought this Dell a few months before Mr. Macbook went kaput.  Unfortunately, I do not have a back-up computer to my back-up computer, so this is as good as it gets for a while! :-p

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  1. Good idea to protect the keyboard from dust and spills, but don't cover the bottom of the laptop. The vents and fan need air circulation, or it will overheat and die. Sawdust is a potential killer also.