Thursday, January 5, 2012

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

It's dad and I are very similar in some aspects.  We're very much the of the "type A" variety...both engineers...both like to make thing with our hands...and both like to know what's coming.  Which is why every year my dad makes an extensive Christmas list.  Which is great for him, but it kind of kills some of the fun in finding a great gift. 

So when I found these on Pinterest a few weeks before Christmas, I squealed out loud, because my dad LOVES coconut:

Yes!  Those are homemade versions of the Girl Scout cookies "Samoas".  Back in the day (when I was a girl scout), I think that they used to be called "Coconut Delights".  But anyway, they were perfect because he wouldn't be expecting them for Christmas, and I knew that he would love them. 

The recipe that I followed can be found here at Once Upon a Plate.   Like the disclaimer that she puts in the beginning of the recipe, these cookies are not for the faint of heart!  From start to finish, I think that they took me 2.5 to 3 hrs.  That's because you have to make the base cookie, bake it, toast the coconut, make the topping, spread the topping, and then dip the cookies in chocolate and drizzle more chocolate over them.

I had way too many cookie bases for the amount of topping that I made...maybe that's because I piled on the topping.  It was hard to do portion control because the caramel/coconut topping wanted to stick to everything BUT the cookie.  Arrrgh! 

But in all seriousness, they were amazing.  And that's coming from a girl who doesn't even like coconut!!  Soooo good, I had to keep telling myself "They're not for you!  They're not for you!"

But my dad loved them...he commented that whenever my mom brings home cookies from work (she's a teacher, so she gets a lot of baked treats during the holidays), he combs them over for any coconut ones.  So that made me happy :)

About a week after I made these, I found this pin on Pinterest:

These are from Baking Bites and the recipe can be found here.  A bar cookie makes so much more sense to me because it would be a lot easier to make the cookie bases (no cutting out individual cookies!), and spread the topping (just throw it on there and spread it out!).  And I bet the recipe is very similar to the one that I used. 

So there you go!  Pure deliciousness.  And totally worth it!


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