Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Splurge + A Sneak Peek

Soooo, I've been crushing on this lamp that I found a few months ago at Pottery Barn:

FYI: NOT my house...I wish that it was my house though! 
Holy moly, is it pretty or what?  It's also $200, which means that I was a very sad Sara for quite a while :(  Because with tax + shipping, it meant that $200 would actually be more like $240 when it's all said and done.  *sigh*
Well, time was on my side on Monday, because not only was it 20% off, but it was also eligible for free shipping, so the grand total with tax was around $174.  Although that's still a bit pricey to me, compared to what you could pay for a fixture at a big box store, coupled with the fact that I absolutely LOVE it, made it totally worth it.  I can't wait until it gets to my house!!

Meanwhile, I've been slowly working on redoing this desk that I have:

Its not completely done yet, but here's a sneak peek of how it's coming along:

Left = "Before"...Right = "After"
The left drawer is what it looked like before, and the right drawer is what it looked like after.  I just LOVE how it's coming along...I hope to finish it up this weekend and show you how it looks put all back together!  yay! :)


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