Monday, January 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

I was in Target the other day to pick up a few things.  I knew what I had to get...and I was a woman on a mission until I peered down the main aisle and saw all of the leftover Christmas decor on sale.  I specifically remember thinking to myself "Well, it won't hurt to just walk through there..."

Ha, yeah right!  I should have know that it is a rare occurrence when I make it out of Target without buying something random or extraneous. 

So I was perusing the selection when I spotted these:

Technically, they are Christmas ornaments, but don't they just scream "Valentine's Day"?!  BUT, the best part is that they were 70% off, which meant that a 3-pack of felt heart ornaments was only 30 cents!  So I got 36 ornaments for $3.60...half were bright pink, and the other half were white. 

I was so excited, I practically skipped to the check-out line. 

Today I cut off all of the hanging strings, and used a little bit of thread and a needle to tack them together into a garland:

I don't know if I ever mentioned it before, but here is my secret weapon for tacking anything light to the walls:

Those are straight pins...I use them for sewing all the time!  They leave such tiny tiny holes...sooo much smaller than even the smallest nails that you could ever hope to find.  And they don't leave sticky residue (like tape might do).  They don't go into wood very well (too flimsy), but they go into drywall super easy, and work like a charm every time. 

Isn't it so cute?  I have a few hearts left over...I might do a few in the main doorway between the living room and the kitchen to replace my glittery pinecones.  I'm glad that I finally have an excuse to replace all of my Christmas decorations!