Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blinging out the Closet!

Hey!  I know that it's been a while since my last post...bigger projects take more time, but this one is totally worth the wait. 

I'm a big fan of bright colors and bold design, but when it comes right down to it, I'm too much of a chicken to go all out in one of my rooms.  As you may have already read, I just painted our guest bedroom "vintage mauve" and have red and gold as the accent colors.  I wanted to do something special with the closet in there...instead of opening it up and being like "oh...a closet"...I wanted go "Ooooooh!! A closet!!!" Is that weird?  I like having little surprises like that around the house.  It almost makes it fun to put away the sheets and towels...almost ;)

So, without further delay:

Soooo much better than what it was, right?

Blinging out the closet like that was actually pretty easy, even though it was a lot of sitting around waiting for paint to dry (literally!).  After I primed the closet, I used tape to mark out the herringbone design that I was going for.  At first I considered doing a stencil, but the wall is actually textured, and I wasn't sure how the stencil would like that. 

The tape was definitely the way to go, because even the textured wall did not like it at all, I can't imagine the hissy fit that it would have thrown if I had actually tried to *gasp* use a stencil on there.  Coincidentally, it's only the closets in our house that have the funky wall texture thing going on (aside from the "popcorn" ceiling in our kitchen...which can probably be considered a crime against humanity--yes, it is THAT bad). 

I bought some gold acrylic paint at Joann Fabrics ($3.50 with a coupon).  I used that color straight up for the gold-ish sections (obviously)...I mixed the gold paint with pearly white for the silver-ish sections, and then mixed it with some bronze for the bronze-ish sections.  It was mostly a "hmmm...I wonder if this will look OK" process...and I already had the pearly white and bronze acrylic paint on hand (they were those little 2 oz. craft paint containers). 

Do you know how to paint perfect lines with tape?  First, lay out your tape the way that you want it.  Then, paint over the tape with the base color already on your wall.  In my case, I painted over my tape with white.  This seals the edges of the tape, and if any paint happened to seep under the tape, it's the base color that you already started out with.  Then, (without moving/taking off the tape!), paint the areas that you want with your other color, and peel off the tape.  Perfection!  (Check out this tutorial here for a better explanation)

Well, I should caveat that this technique is only guaranteed on smooth walls...since mine were textured to begin with they turned out reasonably well (the tape didn't want to get into all the nooks and crannies).  The darn tape started wrinkling up when I painted over it with white!  *shakes fist at sky*  So I still had some touch-ups to do afterward, but it was a LOT better than it could have been. 

I bought a new shelving board at Lowes for $15.  It's about 5'' deeper than the old one, so now I can fit even more stuff on there ;)  I also picked up a a few storage baskets (also at Lowes) for $7 apiece.  And the curtains were from Urban Outfitters for about $20 per panel on sale.  The hanging rod in the closet is the same one that was originally in there...I rubbed some gold "rub 'n buff" on there to spruce it up.  It was leftover from the stuff that I used on my rub 'n buff desk.  

A pretty good improvement over what it was! 


  1. I love this - I too like to surprise finds inside things - wallpapering, painting, interior colors etc. I also love metals. So I Pretty much love everything about what you've done here :)

    PS my entire HOUSE has textured walls. They suck.

  2. I'm your newest follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!