Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mad About Plaid!

So after my last closet paint job turned out so well, I was really excited to tackle another one!  Thankfully, our house has a great selection of adorably tiny closets to choose from, so I decided to paint the entryway closet next. 

This is what it started out as...thank goodness there's a door to close it off from the world, right?!

This is what it looks like now after it got painted plaid with grey and silver paint. 

I added some white storage bins for hats and gloves (up top), and some wire bins for shoes that we're not wearing at the moment (down below).  I replaced the original 11'' shelf with one that's 16'' deep so that we've got more room to store stuff too. 

I'm still working on doing something with the door.  I picked up a new knob for it the other day and I've got an idea on how to pretty it up a bit (other than painting it white). 

So why plaid?  Well, I generally like to make things much harder for myself than they have to be.  It was also "get really involved with a project" or "go do the taxes", and I hate hate hate doing taxes!  So while the husband tackled our tax refund (woo!), I got down to business with the painters tape.  I was originally thinking a zig-zag chevron pattern, but at the last minute plaid popped into my head, so I ran with it. 

True to my form, I ran out of painters tape during the taping process!  (This also happened while I was doing the last closet.)  So I got creative and pulled up tape in areas where I knew weren't going to be painted.  I started out doing the diagonal tape across the whole wall to keep the angle consistent.  I didn't measure the spacing between the pieces...I just kind of eye-balled it, and it seemed to work out OK!

Here I am sealing the tape so that it didn't bleed underneath quite as much.  Overall, it still bled under a lot more than the last project.  I think that it was because this time I painted the base white color in semigloss, whereas the last closet got a matte primer, and the tape didn't like to stick to the semigloss as much. 

Painting the secondary silver color!

See what I mean about bleeding under the tape?  Darn you textured walls!  *shakes fist at sky*

Ahhh, so much better now that it's been touched up with a small painters brush!

You might have noticed that I added the middle stripey line after the fact.  I didn't have it marked out during the initial round of painting, but added it in afterwards because the middle of the wall looked a little sparse. 

The large wire baskets are from Marshalls for $10 apiece (woo for clearance!).  The top bins are from Kmart and were $5 apiece.  I added some ribbon and fabric flowers to spruce them up and add some color! 

The silver ribbon was a post-Christmas purchase at 60% off for a few dollars, and the flowers were scrap-booking accents that were on sale for like, $1 for one card of them.  I used a glue gun to attach them to the bins! 

So there you go!  It wasn't hard, but it was definitely a bit time consuming.  But I'm really happy with how it turned out :)

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  1. Love it! My biggest upcoming project is putting shelves in marks bathroom. And I just said to him too bad you don't live closer ;)