Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ombre Cupcakes

I’ve seen several versions of ombre/rainbow cakes floating around:

Source: Whisk Kid

They look AMAZING, but I’m more of a cupcake girl…you know, for portion control.  Or maybe not, if you eat 2+ at a time…*cough cough*...cause I would never do that... ;)

So last night I made my own version:

I was really happy with how they turned out!  The pictures aren't the best because of the artificial lighting in the dining area, but you get the idea.  The color is pink.  Like, bright "in-yo-face" PINK.  

They weren’t hard to make either because I used a boxed mix—it just took longer than normal because I had to split up the batter, add food coloring, and then add each layer of batter individually to the cupcake liners. 

BUT, the upside is that you get 5x the bowls and spoons to lick clean once you’re done.  Which I did...all by myself.

Just a little tip…do one cupcake first with all the layers first to see how much you’re going to need to add of each color (see my trial one in the bottom right corner?).  You don’t want your cupcakes to be spilling out all over the place once they bake!  I used just under half a spoonful for each color, but it might be different for you. 

Then you can go through and add the first color to the all the liners…then the second color…etc.  It saves a LOT of time than doing one whole cupcake before moving on to the next one.  Another tip is to put the bowls in the order that you want to add them to the cupcake liners!  I messed this up on the very first one and the colors were not in order ;) Go figure!

My friend told me that you can freeze cupcakes, so I might have to go look that up so that I don't go cupcake crazy!  I'll let you know how it goes!


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