Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift: Custom Car Prints from Etsy

Happy Valentine's Day!  Most people that I know either LOVE it or HATE it.  Me?  I'm just tickled that there's a holiday centered around the concept of pink, red, white, and hearts!  woo!

So whether or not you've been occasionally checking up on my blog, or read every post, I'm sure that you've been "getting to know me" over the past few months.  One thing that I'm super conscious about is not writing about content that's unrelated to crafty stuff or home decor.  So even though I do have interests outside of all of my home stuff, you probably won't hear about them too much!  Today there's an exception, because this happens to cross the line into home decor :) 

As you may have known, the husband is a mechanic, and works on Volkswagens.  So he likes cars.  Scratch that.  He loves them...well, anything motorized really.  (Example: the other night both myself and a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies got rejected for a trip down the road on a snowmobile...yes, I was mildly annoyed :-p) I actually grew up in a house that loved cars so this isn't abnormal for me.  Together, the hubs and I make up a car-loving couple. We have six right now :-o.  Umm, yeah, that's actually embarrassing to admit, but there ya go.  That number should drop to 4 in the spring (hopefully!).  

The reason for that high number is that we each own a "project car", which is basically a fun car that you only drive in good weather (aka: it's summer and sunny out).  The hubs owns a 1983 Porsche, and I have a 1979 VW Rabbit (diesel).   I should clarify right now, that it's not THAT kind of Porsche...you know that one where you plug your nose and say all nasally, "Oooooh, I own a Porsche".  Umm, no.  It looks nice, but we didn't sell our non-existent first born child to get it.  The hubs has put a new engine in it and now it goes oh-my-god-I-think-I'm-going-to-diiiiiiiiiiie fast, but he loves it.  *boys...*

My car is a diesel, and without going into a lot of deep technical hoo-ra-ra, I will tell you that diesel cars get better MPG than gasoline cars.  But because my car is so small and is a stick-shift (manual), that makes it even MORE fuel efficient, and I get about 50 MPG with it doing city driving.  Which means that I can do a LOT of shopping around town without having to fill up my tank. ;)  I know that you all probably think that it's sinfully ugly, and believe me, I thought that it was at first too!  The style is definitely an acquired taste, but I just love my car ;)

So, moral of this rambling = we love our cars.  

If you've seen pictures of my house, or the projects that I do, you know that my house screams feminine.  The hubs doesn't really care, but sometimes [a small part of me] feels bad.  

So about a month and half ago I was perusing Etsy when I found these great spray-painted custom car prints that this guy (Chris) does.  They are spray-painted "prints" using stencils that he cuts out by hand.  I love how graphic and pop-artsy they are...they're just fantastic to look at, and are totally something that I could see hanging up in my house.  So I emailed him and sent over some pictures of the hubs' car.  After some emailing back and forth (he was great to work with!), and about a week's worth of work time, I got this in the mail: (I bought the frames)

The best part is, Chris already had a print of "my" car sketched up as part of his regular inventory. It's not modeled after my exact car, but you'd have to look pretty darn close to see the difference.  He threw that one in for free since we worked together on the custom print of the Porsche.  

I gave the hubs the print of his car for Valentine's Day and he LOVED it!  I told him that he can hang them up anywhere in the house, so we'll see where they end up! 

Love = getting your husband a custom print of his car
True Love = getting a print of your car so that they can be together (aww)


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