Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baked Potato Soup

First of all, I'm sorry that I've been MIA for the past week!  I've been busy trying to get two of our cars ready to sell, and part of that involved spending 3 hours at the insurance office and DMV switching registrations and getting titles and all of that fabulous grown-up stuff!  BUT, I've got some good projects in the works, so check back soon!

I wanted to refer you to this awesome recipe for "baked potato soup" that I found awhile ago...I've made it about 6 times now, and I can honestly say that it's fantastic.  You can find the recipe here, and the website that it's from, Skinnytaste, has some great low-fat recipes if you're trying to eat healthier.

Although it's called "baked potato soup" it actually contains a lot of cauliflower.  I PROMISE that you can't taste the cauliflower!  It pretty much tastes like baked potatoes in soup form.

I usually double up the recipe, so that I have enough leftovers for lunch for the next couple of days because it reheats incredibly well.

I also make the following changes to the recipe, which I think that you might find helpful in terms of reducing the cost and prep time:

  1. I bake the potatoes in my crock pot.  To do this, wash the potatoes, pierce them a few times, wrap them in aluminum foil, and then cook them in the crock pot for 8 hours on low, or 4 hours on high. You don't need to add any extra water or anything to the crock pot.  
  2. I buy frozen cauliflower because it's $0.99/bag, as opposed to a head of fresh cauliflower, which was $3/head the first time I made this recipe (in the middle of winter).  I cook it in the microwave in a big bowl with a little bit of water.  
  3. I don't have an immersion blender, so I puree everything in a regular blender in about 2-3 batches.  Don't use a food processor!  Well, you can if you really want to, but with all of the liquids, it can get super messy pretty quickly.  A regular blender works best.
  4. I buy the pre-chopped bacon bits (in the salad aisle), because I think that cooking straight up bacon is messy...not to mention the hubby likes it chewy, but I like it practically burnt, so we always fight about when it's "done" :-p 
  5. You really do want the sharp shredded cheese and chives.  Trust me.  They bring a lot a flavor to the table!  
Well, I hope that this inspires you to make this soup!  It's really good, and now I'm excited for lunch tomorrow!  


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