Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fool-proof indoor succulent garden

So, without further ado, this is my latest house project!

Ahhh, I love them!  

Before, I got into the specifics of this little project, there are two things that you should know about me:
1.  First, I LOVE small or tiny things.  It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's small.  Small tools, small origami, small cars...and of course, anything that is a baby.  I could just keep going and going...

2.  Second, I cannot keep a house plant alive for anything in the world.  Seriously.  Part of it is because I can never remember to water house plants, but also the best windows in our house are also north-facing, which means that they don't get fantastic light during the day.  This is why I much prefer cut flowers to planted ones as gifts...their fate was sealed the moment that they were trimmed from their bush so there is totally no pressure to keep them alive forever ;)

That being said, my friend at work gave me a small jade cutting about 18 months ago...that thing was sooo tiny and cute, but I didn't have high hopes for it, because obviously I kill everything.  Fast forward to today, and this thing is about 5 times bigger than when I got it, and it is just thriving under my "care".  Jade--which I like to call "Shrek ears" because that's what its leaves look like--is a succulent, which means that it's a warm weather plant that stores water in its leaves.  It doesn't require a lot of care other than remembering to water it every so often when the soil gets dry.  

"It's still alive!"  
I've been seeing a ton of succulent gardens around the blog world lately.  Many of the varieties are small and just incredibly adorable.  So that, along with the fact that I've had some success with keeping my own plant alive for so long, encouraged me to go out and add some more succulents to my collection!  

I searched around a few different stores before I had success in finding them at the local farmer's market, and at the Lowe's near my house.  In fact, Lowe's had an amazing selection of them in the indoor plant area.  I spent about $25 on succulents in total.  The black containers from Lowe's are actually little four-packs, which is nice.  

I had spotted a really cute planter at Home Depot a few weeks ago...the only thing preventing me from buying it on the spot was that I didn't know what I would do with it!  Well, now I had a purpose, so I stopped there and picked up two of them.  Each one was $10, and they also came in blue and yellow.  

I brought everything home and raided an old plant container for soil (one of my past house-plant victims!).   

I found that it was easier to fill the pots 3/4 of the way with soil, arrange the succulents the way that I wanted them, and then backfill with additional soil on top to fill in the gaps.  I started out filling the pots all the way and then digging holes for each plant...haha, it was such a mess!  Soil flying everywhere...

Then, I gave them a good watering and put them in the center of my dining room table!  They look fantastic and add a bit of greenery to the mix of decor (usually I have some fake flowers in jar chilling out on the table).  I also have some leftover plants that I temporarily planted in a cereal bowl until I can go get another planter for them.  So $25 in succulents gave me enough plants to make up three small succulent gardens.  

So, don't be shy about picking up some of these little guys the next time that you see them.  They are incredibly tolerant and will likely survive living with those of you who normally kill house plants (like me!).  


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