Monday, April 9, 2012

Four-Leaf Clover wall art

See these?

They're four-leaf clovers!  I find them EVERYWHERE.  You know how little kids will sit and pick the grass when they’re supposed to be playing soccer or whatnot?  Well, I was the one who was both picking the grass AND finding the all the four-leaf clovers. 

Bonus points for whoever can figure out which book I used to press them in! ;) 

Some might call it luck, but since I’m a pretty scientific person and don’t really buy into the whole luck/superstition thing, I'll just say that I'm just really good at recognizing patterns.  ;)  I'm boring, I know.  

(By the way, this is less than half of my collection!)

Anyway, back to the point.  Because I spent a good chunk of my childhood staring down at the ground, I’ve got several large books filled with four-leaf clovers.  I never really thought of displaying them until I came across this picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago, which I thought was kind of artsy.

Obviously I have all of the supplies…I’m willing to bet that most of my clovers are at least 10 years old, because I haven’t done much four-leaf clover hunting in a while.

I found an old frame in the basement that I was happy to pull out again (look at how cute it is!).  It was a Target purchase a few years back.  

I plopped some clovers down, layered a piece of scrapbooking paper over them...

...and then slid them back into the frame.  

It's chilling in my living room right now looking all cute and spring-like!  

Since it turned out so well, I decided to do a larger version too.  I went to my local craft store and picked up a couple of frames on sale, and two sheets of scrapbooking paper.  The total was around $13.50 because I had coupons.  

I'm really happy with how they turned out!  I can change the look anytime I want by changing the scrapbooking paper, which is really cheap and easy to do.  I know that most people don't have a surplus of four-leaf clovers hanging around, but if you start stockpiling them now (or pay a little kid to help you find them?), you can make one of these too!  


  1. Love it! I fine four leaf colvers all the time and am wondering what to do with them. Thanks for the cool idea! :)

    1. Awesome! It's good to know that I'm not the only one with this hidden talent ;)