Monday, April 23, 2012

"I Love You Like..." Message Board

This project started out as an experiment that kind of evolved it into a message board.  I am very happy with the results though!  You never know how creative/funny someone that you live with is until you put something like this up on the walls and see what gets written ;)

So now that you've seen the final product, I'll run you through the steps that I took to make it.  

First, I started out with a piece of scrap plywood.  It's dimensions are 16'' x 19.5'', but those are just because that's the size of the scrap piece that I had.  I used some white trim paint to paint it completely white...sides and all.  I didn't bother painting the back, because I knew that it wouldn't be showing.  Don't do what I did and paint it down to the cardboard though...that's definitely one of my "not-so-smart" moments.    Oops!

Then, I used some silver paint and what is called a "wood grain tool" to create the faux wood-like pattern.  This thing will set you back all of about $5, and it just the coolest thing ever!  The image below is from Home Depot's website...the one that I got is most similar to the top left one.

It's hard to capture how it works through pictures, so I suggest that you go to YouTube and watch a video, like this one, or this one. Go head, I'll wait for youuu...

**twirls hair...taps toes...**  You back?  Good! 

I know what you're thinking..."What girl paints a piece of wood just to make it look like a piece of wood again?!"  Meee!  I went against the natural grain of the wood in this case...I probably should have gone with the grain, but hindsight is always 20/20, right?   I think that it gives it a slightly rustic look...or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself ;)

So this was the final result from stage 1.  It sat like this for at least a week while I debated what to do with it.  Because even though it wasn't hard to do, I didn't want to "ruin" it by rushing through a project.

Then, I was looking through all of my pin boards on Pinterest, when I found this one:

I think that it's a notecard, but it's adorable and I love the idea of filling in the blanks with whatever you want.

So I got to work picking a font and cutting out letters.  I think that the best way to do this is to print out the text in the right size and then cut it out.  Since I didn't have a printer available to me when I did this, I drew out the letters free-hand, and then cut them out.  Umm, yeah, I like to make things difficult for myself!

I used a Sharpie to trace around the letters and then fill them in.  Once I was done, I went over everything lightly with a very fine piece of sandpaper to rough up the looked just a little bit too perfect on the rustic faux wood background.

At my local craft store, I found a press-'n-stick white board that's meant to be stuck right to your wall.  I found it in the school supplies section of the store, and it was $5-6 I think.  (Although I had a coupon which made it closer to $3).  I cut out two rectangles to the appropriate size.  Even though the back is already "sticky", you're going to need an additional type of glue to help hold the sheets on there, because for some reason they do not like sticking to any type of glossy paint.  I used spray adhesive and lightly coated the backs of the white board rectangles before I stuck them on there.

At my local hardware store, I picked up a package of these babies...little screw-in O-hooks.  They were less than $2.

I used my drill to tap a small pilot hole to make them attach easier, and then screwed two of them into the top of the board.  I strung some ribbon through and them and then *voila!*

I hung it up in our hallway, where we get a lot of "through" traffic.  It's been getting a lot of attention, and we are having a lot of fun with it!

Unfortunately, it was catching some amazingly un-awesome glare from the doors to the back deck while it was hanging on the wall, so I pulled it off the wall to snap some more pics.

(Max: "Mom, stop picking on's not nice! I can't help it if feet taste delicious...!")

This is a Big Bang Theory reference. It's probably the funniest TV show that I've ever seen!

Yup, I would be that engineer!  I do adore my's so much easier than chicken scratch on the back of an old receipt pulled from the bottom of my purse!

Technically, the pop tarts are supposed to be the husband's snack food...but I've been having a wicked sweet tooth the past few days...sorry dear!   (I suppose that he'll never know unless he reads this!)

So there is my impromptu message board!  I hope that you all have enjoyed seeing it.  Have a great week!!


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