Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Book Purchase: Living in a Nutshell

So, I'm not really the type of person to go out and buy something as soon as I see it.  1) This helps to prevent too many impulse purchases, and 2) Builds suspense, so by the time I actually make the purchase, I'm practically giddy with excitement.

This book was an exception to that rule.  I saw it one night, and then ordered it the next day!  Living in a Nutshell (by Janet Lee) is dedicated to decorating ideas and projects for apartments and rental units, and all of it is stuff that you can pack up and take with you when your lease ends.  I happen to own my own house, but I can appreciate little changes that have a big impact, and that don't require anything to be permanent.  Plus, the book has some awesome eye candy!  You can order it on amazon here for around $16, or you can probably find it in a bookstore for its list price of $25.

Some promotional pictures that I found around the web...

Using contact paper or fabric and starch to cover up old smart!

Taking a door off its hinges and replacing it with a curtain instead to save space.  I've done this before with my closets!

Using chalkboard paint to draw any kind of details that you want.  If you can't paint your door, you could even just paint a big canvas and then draw on that instead.

And there are lots of other good ideas in the book too!  I'm totally happy with my purchase :)


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