Thursday, April 5, 2012

Potato-Stamped Towels: Round #2!

So a few weeks ago I told you about the potato-stamped towels that I made.  Since I made them, I've been using them in the kitchen and in the bathroom as hand towels, and they are great!  Even my husband has commented on how well they soak up water, so they've gone over pretty well!

My mom just had a birthday a few days ago, so I made up a set for her as one of her gifts.  I went with fun spring-like colors, and they turned out really cute!  I figured that I'd share them with you:

Green scalloped boarder with flowered center towel:

 Lilac flowered towel:

Pink swirled towel with gradient coloring:

Sea glass flower towel:

These are the colors that I used for everything:

All of them are from Martha Stewart's paint line.  I've seen them at both Joann Fabrics and Michaels craft stores.  From left to right, those colors are:
  • yellow jacket
  • amaranth
  • beach glass
  • wild blueberry
  • wedding cake
To make the light grass green color (for the scalloped border towel), I mixed some "beach glass" and "yellow jacket" together.  To make the lilac, I mixed some "wild blueberry," "amaranth," and "wedding cake," together.  For the gradient pink towel, I just added "wedding cake" to the "amaranth."

And just so you know, these are the potato stamp shapes that I used:  

Nothing too fancy, and they are pretty easy to carve, and totally doable.  I am very tempted to go make some more...


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