Monday, April 16, 2012

Tested and Approved: Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

So, a few months ago I had to venture from my home base of central NY to Maine for work.  On my way back through, I stopped in Boston to see one of my girl friends from college.  She took me on the most awesome (although brief) tour of the city.  One of the last things we did was stop in a bakery where I picked out the most adorable and delicious looking custard-filled, ganache-topped cream puff I'd ever seen:

The initial plan was to save it for breakfast, but seriously, looking at that thing, do YOU think that you could wait another 12 hours to eat it?  Umm, I think not.  I ate it all that night, and it was amazing.  I've been thinking about it ever since...

Then, I found a recipe for boston cream pie cupcakes on Pinterest a few weeks ago.  And from then on, *all* I could think about was making them!

So this past weekend I finally made the leap...*ta-da!*

I just had one 10 minutes ago, and just looking at the picture makes me want another...they were that good!

Some suggestions if you decide to make them:
  • I found that I had a lot of leftover chocolate ganache...and that was after I applied it very generously.  Next time I make them I will probably cut the ganache recipe in half.
  • I also let the ganache cool a bit before I topped the was almost a thin pudding-like consistency, and small lumps of solid-chocolate-ness were starting to form.  This kept the ganache (mostly) on top of the cupcakes where it belonged, rather than dripping all down the sides.  
  • I also used applesauce to help cut the amount of oil in the cake mix.  That's just a personal preference though, in an effort to make things "healthier".  

They really weren't very hard to do, which is the best part.  If you're looking for something tasty to bring to party or get together, I highly recommend them.  Hop on over to the Six Sister's blog and check out the recipe!


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