Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY Patio Table Cover

My mom just gave me a cute little table for our back deck.  It came with a little table cloth cover, but it was pretty sun-bleached.  So this past weekend I took the opportunity to make a new one!



This was super easy.   I promise!  If you know how to use a sewing machine then you can do this.  

I went to the craft store and got 1 yard of outdoor fabric.  Altogether, the cost was $14 because I also got a spool of thread.  The fabric was 40% off, and the thread was 50% with a coupon.  

You'll need to cut out two pieces.  First, you need a circle for the top of the table cloth.  This should be about 1-2'' larger than the diameter of your table.  My table is 32'' in diameter, so I cut a 34'' circle to account for the seam allowances.  Then I cut out a long strip of fabric for the table "skirt".  This piece was 6.5'' wide, and 110'' long.  To figure out how long you need your piece to be, multiple the diameter of your circle by 3.14.  Then add an inch or two to give yourself little bit of leeway.  If your fabric isn't big enough to allow you to cut one long continuous piece for the skirt, just sew a couple of shorter pieces together.  This is what I did!  

Bonus points if you have a special "helper" while you work :)

Take the long skinny piece and hem up one of the long sides.  I used a funky stitch because my sewing machine has the option, but a straight stitch will work too!  

Then pin the raw edge of the long piece to the outside edge of the circle.  Make sure that the "right" sides are together.

Then sew these two pieces together and turn it right side out.  You're done!  

See?  I told you it was easy!  It would be pretty easy to make one for a square table too.  So go out and try and it let me know how it goes!