Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ceramic Pig Planter

Sooo...my birthday was this past week.  I turned the big 2-5!!  Yes, 25 yrs old...which really isn't THAT old, but all of the grey hairs that keep popping up all over my head seem to scream otherwise!  Ugh, it makes me want to yell: "Just stay in there why don't you?!"

But I digress ;)  My birthday was wonderful because the husband took me out for dinner AND I got this as a present:

It's a ceramic pig planter!  Isn't it just adorable?  I picked up a few succulents over the weekend to plant in it.  I've written about my love for succulents before--they are just so tolerant of my less-than-stellar plant care, which is a real perk when you regularly forget to water things!

The planter is from a seller on Etsy called Fruit Fly Pie.  She sells a variety of vintage design ceramic pieces!

I love Etsy because you can always find some cool and one-of-a-kind things on there.  I've bought things from the site before...like these wall prints of our cars:

Have you ever checked out Etsy before?


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