Sunday, June 24, 2012

Destination Profile: Lake Placid, NY

Two weekends ago the husband and I took our "puppy" Max up to the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York State for a three day weekend.

Here we are taking a pee break on the way there...which really means walking through as much water as possible before getting back into the car!  

We went hiking and got to see some of the sights on Friday and Saturday. Annnnnd then I spent most of Sunday recovering from all of the physical activity that I did on the previous two days ;) Which meant watching some TV...ordering ridiculously expensive (but amazing!) take-out...and getting Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

We ended up staying in a hotel in Lake Placid that allowed dogs, which was nice because Max ended up getting his own bed! Lake Placid hosted the winter Olympics in 1980, and there were lots of reminders around town, and you could take a tour of the local facilities that they built just for the event. Because we had Max with us, we were kind of limited with what we could do (a lot of places didn't allow dogs). Bummer! But we had fun, and I definitely want to go back again sometime.

The view from our hotel room balcony:

Friday night we took a mini 0.8 mile hike up to a "pond" as a way to ease me into the whole hiking thing, and so that I could mentally prepare myself for the next day.  We went up kind of late in the day, but made back it back down to the car juuuust in time, as it has started to thunderstorm--complete with hail!

We let Max off his leash at the top of the hike so that he could get his little feet wet in the pond. He looooves water.

The next day we hiked up Cascade Mountain. It's a 2.2 mile hike one-way, and you go up about 2,000 ft in elevation. The husband and Max practically skipped the whole way up the mountain and didn't even break a sweat, while I was dragging myself up by my boot-straps and could literally wring sweat out of my shirt.  I was a sweaty mess!

See?  Here I am mumbling...are we there yet?!

The bottom half of the mountain had most leafy (deciduous) trees...

...but as you got towards the top, they turned into evergreen trees with moss.

The very top of the mountain was mostly bare rock due to a fire that burned down all of the trees up there in the early 1900's.

The vegetation at the very top grows very very slowly because of the colder weather that it experiences most of the year, and some of it was roped off to keep people from walking on it.

The view was totally awesome...and (mostly) made all of the effort worth it ;)

Don't you hate it when you see a ledge and think "Hmm...wouldn't it totally ruin my day to accidentally lose my balance and fall over right now?!" I swear, my mind always goes there!

Once we were up there, we took a good 30-40 min lunch break.  Max was totally scoping out the food stash the entire time.  In this picture, I think that the husband had just dropped a pretzel into the backpack...Max was very concerned.

Max was a muddy little mess when we got done!

So on our way back to the hotel, we stopped at a river and let him wade around to "wash" himself off.  No bath was needed, and everyone was happy :)

So tell me, have you taken any trips this summer yet?  I hope that we can do some more weekend trips this summer, since we don't plan on taking a week to do a more "traditional" vacation.  


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