Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Operation "Let's Hang Stuff Up"

Last week I finally did something that I've been meaning to do for the past 7 months: hang up the prints that I bought on Etsy back in January!  Can we say procrastination??

Now, my biggest aversion to hanging things on the wall is that I always (!) end up putting at least twice as many holes in the wall than I really need.  It's pretty much a given.  This time I used some tips from stuff that I've seen on Pinterest, and I got much better results...only two extra holes were required ;)

First, I grabbed some wrapping paper and traced around all of the framed pictures that I had.  Then I cut them out and kind of doodled some rough sketches of each picture so that I could tell which one I had placed where (since some of them were the same size).  Then I used some double sided tape and played around with positioning them around the wall to see what worked.  Because I didn't really press the tape down, they were easy to move them around and didn't leave sticky residue on the wall.  This is what I ended up with (about 15 configurations later!).  It's not much to look at, but it gets better--I promise!

Next, I grabbed a couple of thumb tacks.  I hooked them under the picture-hanging loops and used a piece of tape the hold them in place.  The only tacks that I had were the tall ones...I think that the small round flat ones probably would have worked better, but this was still pretty good.

By lining the picture frame up to the wrapping paper placeholders that I had taped up, and then gently pushing on the frame against the wall, I was left with liiiiittle tiny pin-pricks in the paper/wall showing exactly where I needed to place nails to hold up the frames.  I used a level to make sure that the potential holes were straight before actually hammering in the nails.  

It worked like a charm!  Everything ended up where it was supposed to, and the pictures look fantastic up on the wall. 

Just in case you noticed...this one picture is not one from Etsy.  I actually got this one at a garage sale for 25 cents!  It's a real watercolor painting, and the only thing that I had to do was buy it a frame.  All of the frames here are from Target, and were $15-$20 depending on the size.  

I also hung up another picture on the other side of the room.  This one is not from Etsy...it's a pencil drawing that I did in high school!  (It's of Koko the gorilla and his keeper Penny, who taught him sign language.)  My dad--being the MacGyver that he is--made the frame for me once I finished the drawing and I've been toting it around to all of the various places that I've lived ever since!

Here is a close-up of it:

Annnnd, here are some other shots of the room since I really just like playing around with my new camera :)

 So tell me, what have you been procrastinating on lately?


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