Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rockin' Rosette Wreath

So from time-to-time I have a project that just doesn't live up to my expectations.  But you know how it goes...when all else fails, just pull it apart and use it to make something else!

I made this rosette garland about two weeks ago with the intention of using in in the living room.  However, in order to get all of the rosettes to face the same way, you had to glue them together at their sides--if you didn't do this, then they'd just roll over and flash you their backsides.  It was not attractive.  

This wouldn't have been so bad, but then the rosettes started pulling apart where they were glued, and then I had a whole bunch of them flipping over.

Ehhh, delicate things don't last very long in my house, so I decided to scrap the whole rosette garland idea before I actually finished it.  (I ended up going with a much simpler (yet still adorable!) pennant garland that took a fraction of the time to make.) 

Soooo, I was left with a a bunch of these rosettes chilling out together on a string...being all fancy and delicate.  

Last night I finally decided to pull them apart and glue them down to a wreath-shaped piece of cardboard.  Oh yes, I went all high-tech for this one ;)  

But I think that the final result is pretty glamorous!

Make sure that you check back tomorrow...I'll be putting up a quick post on how I made the rosettes!  


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