Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunny Pennant Garland

Last week I told you how about it took me 7 months to hang some pictures.  Similarly, it also took me 7 months to finally replace the Valentine's Day garland that's been chillin' in our living room (hmm...I see a trend starting here).

I switched it out with a super simple pennant garland that I made this past weekend while watching sappy Wuthering Heights on Masterpiece Classics (the husband was out of town, which is why I could get away with commandeering the TV and watching something like that!)

I used one sheet of scrapbooking paper for each color in the garland.  I had been envisioning a yellow garland for a long time, so I got four different yellowy colors along with a sheet of glittery gold paper to switch things up.  I know, I'm a risk-taker ;)

First I cut a bunch of small triangles...

Then I used a glue gun to dot some glue along the back of each triangle...

Annnnd then I stuck it to some twine that I already had on hand.

I didn't follow any specific pattern with the colors, but I still think that it turned out pretty well!  

1 comment:

  1. i just love this garland! wish i had a spot to hang different "themes"... maybe that can be on the top of the wish list for the next house... hahaha