Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey!  I had every intention of getting a nice artwork post up today--and I was totally working on it too--when I came across a picture of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream online.  All of a sudden, making dessert seemed so much more important!  So I dropped what I was doing and ended up making a batch of these guys again.  

I wish that I had a better excuse for ya!  Although to be honest, chocolate is a pretty good excuse...

So, do you have any good plans for this weekend?  I'm going to be checking out this massive antique festival in Madison County tomorrow.  My co-worker said that is amazing, so I figure that I pretty much have to go now ;)

I figured that I would leave you with a bit of mid century modern eye candy that I've scored over the course of the summer at garage sales.  

First, these are two chairs that I found at an estate sale for only $50!  They may not look it, but they are ridiculously comfortable.  

Next is this cute little footstool that I got for $8.  It's marked "Selig", which is a Danish furniture company.  The matching Selig "z" chairs for it are going for $1,200+ on eBay!  Yikes!  

So, although I don't have much going on today, I'm going to have some good stuff next week!  Keep check back and have a great weekend!  


  1. Oh man - those are steals! I love mid century modern furniture. I've been searching for a danish credenza, still searching! Hope you find some awesome things tomorrow!

  2. those chairs are awesome! now, a dumb do you find estate sales? i think i need to jump on this! seems way better than garage sales!