Monday, August 20, 2012

"Make Art, Not War" T-shirt

So first off, I'm super excited to be doing my first ever guest post over at Bedsidesign on this bleach t-shirt project that I did.  Go here to check it out!

Christie at Bedsidesign has some great stuff on her blog, and she's also a local Syracuse blogger!  Her style is pretty darn similar to mine--so much in fact that part of me thinks that she has to be my long lost twin!

Second, you may have noticed that my blog looks very different today.  I spent a loooong time re-vamping it this past weekend and I think that it's coming along nicely.  I used this tutorial over at Sweet Verbena to help me out with some of the technical aspects, and it was really (!) helpful.  If you have a blog that is hosted via the Blogger platform, you may find it useful too.  I'm on twitter and Facebook now, so feel free to check out some of those pages as well!


  1. Oh I love the new look! It's super fresh. :)

    1. Thank you! I spent more time on it than I'd like to admit ;) But it's looking good now and definitely a big improvement.