Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Passing on the Good Stuff

When I was in middle school, I found one of my mom's old lockets.  I'd like to say that she specifically gave it to me, but in the interest of full disclosure, technically I found it mixed in with some of her old stuff and I just kind of took ownership of it.  Oops!  Hey, sometimes you gotta go after what you want.

I just love that locket.  Between the history--that's my little sister's baby picture on the left, and my maternal grandma's picture on the right (hi Grandma!)--and that fact that it's just plain pretty to wear, I am sure that it will always be one of my most beloved possessions.

This got me thinking...what would my little sister, Kate, get someday?  It was at that point in time I started to consciously save all of my best stuff for her in the hopes that someday she might cherish some of it as much as I love my locket.

When was getting ready to leave for college (7 years ago--yikes!), I sorted through all of my old clothes and pulled out the coolest, nicest stuff that I couldn't wear anymore and set it aside for her.  Even though Kate was only 4 yrs old when I headed off to Cornell, I knew that there would be a day when vintage tees would come back into style, and she would be the only kid at her school with originals.  Umm, am I the coolest big sister ever, or what?!

Since then, I've passed along bracelets, belts, and scarves that I can no longer wear (hey--this waist isn't as tiny as it used to be!).  In fact, a few months ago, my mom told me about one of my old skirts that she wore to a school music concert!  It's kind of neat to go home to visit and see some of my old things still kickin' around.

Some of this stuff might make it to her in the future too!  These are all scarves that I've found at second hand stores.

I also have a pretty extensive collection of sitting chairs (more than I'd like to admit anyway!)  Maybe someday 'lil sis will need a chair to take with her to college.  This vintage Burke chair might do the trick!

Only a couple more years and she'll be able to fit into my formal dresses too!  For right now, this one is still chilling in my closet.

Have you ever saved some of your favorite things so that you could pass them on to someone?  If not, it's still not too late to start!


  1. I have a little sister too - she's going to be 16 soon (9 year age difference) and when she was younger she played dress-up in my prom gown and any formal dresses that I had saved. Her style is very different then mine is now but she recently visited and almost left with one of my sundresses so I guess I should still save some stuff for her!

    1. That's awesome! It's good to know that someone else is doing it too! Actually, because Kate is quite tall for her age (and actually taller than me too!) she gave me a pair of rubber boots that she grew out of last year...she thought that that was very amusing ;)