Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tested and Approved: Apple Cinnamon Rolls

The closer that we get to fall, the more it makes me want to whip out the sugar and bake something sweet.  OK, so that's not exactly fall-specific (any time of the year will do), but these sure did hit the spot this past Labor Day weekend.

These are called Apple Cinnamon Rolls.  The original recipe here says that after you roll up your dough and filling, you're supposed to cut it up into slices and fit them into cupcake liners.  Well, since my roll was about 6'' in diameter, that definitely wasn't going to happen.  So I made conventional cinnamon rolls instead.

Now I've never had good luck with coaxing yeast to make bread rise for me, but someone up above was smiling down on me that day, because these babies came out fantastically (if that's even a word).

The only thing that I might change in the future is to reduce the amount of cinnamon in the filling...3 tablespoons is quite a lot for any recipe.  It was strong, but not overwhelming.  And it certainly didn't keep me from eating my fair share, that's for sure!  Mmm...

What kind of recipes are you looking to try out sometime soon?


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