Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Three Awesome Nursery Design Elements

One of my coworker friends just told me that she’s expecting a baby.  I’m pretty sure that I jumped up and clapped my hands.  Literally.  Kiiiiind of like a seal.  I couldn’t help it--I was (and still am) super excited for her! 

So this means that in addition to my regular repertoire of DIY and home blogs, I’ve been scoping out massive amounts of baby-related info and websites.  FYI, this is an absolutely fantastic way to freak out your boyfriend or husband.  I believe that my husband’s exact words were “Ummm…what are you DOING?” Hehehe…sometimes I have too much fun with this blogging thing ;)

I know that my friend probably isn’t thinking about planning her nursery just yet (she’s still getting over the morning sickness phase), but I thought that I’d compile a collection of three nursery elements to consider…just in case!

#1: Gender neutral color schemes
Gender neutral nurseries used to be synonymous with the color yellow, but lately I’ve come across several really cute nurseries that would work well with either a boy or girl.  Not only are these color schemes versatile, but they also seem like they would grow really well with the baby as he/she got older.  Heck, switch out the crib for a bed, and I would happily camp out in any one of these rooms! 

(Make sure you click on the source links below to see more pictures of each nursery!)

#2: Mid century modern dressers as changing tables
I’ve got a special place in my heart for mid century modern furniture, so when I first saw these dressers being used as changing stations, my heart skipped a beat or two.  The sleek design is a classic and keeps things from looking too fussy.  If the baby ever outgrows a piece like this, it could easily be moved to another location in the house and fit right in. 

#3: Handmade mobiles
I’ve been seeing a lot of homemade mobiles lately, and I just love the idea of adding something handmade to a nursery.  The great thing is that a lot of these are very inexpensive to make.  In fact, I made a bird mobile awhile back (just like the one featured in #2 below), and the whole thing cost me less than $10.  Can’t decide which one to make?  Make two!  Hang one over the crib and another over the changing area to keep the little one happily preoccupied while you’re preoccupied with the diapers.  


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