Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tufted Stool from a Lampshade

Awhile ago I acquired these stunning lamps (there are two of them total even though the pic shows one).  I absolutely loved them, but the lampshades were huge and over-shadowed the gorgeous blue base.  After staring at them for a few months, I made a judgement call and replaced the shades.  Instead of tossing the old ones out, I decided to turn them into something useful...a tufted footstool!

I know, isn't it crazy that that started out as a lampshade?  I am so happy with how it turned out!  It's probably the best up-cycle I've ever done.  Woo!

I'm going to be using it near my closet as temporary storage place for things, like my "I-can't-live-without-you" cardigans.  BTW, if you ever saw me, it would be a rare day when I'm not wearing a cardigan.  It's my paranoid way of being prepared for both hot and cold weather.  Cause even though it may be 90F outside during the summer, as soon as you walk into a movie theatre--BAM--you're hit with 50F degree air conditioning.  Brrr!

The fabric is something that I've been eyeing for quite a while now.  It's this blue/teal suit-like fabric, with little flecks of red, yellow, green, blue, and silver running through it.  I was really bummed out because it was $10/yard for the longest time...then it went on sale for $5/yard.  Ooooh, I was such a happy Sara that day! 

A lot of tufting projects use fabric covered buttons, which is fine (I actually used fabric covered buttons to make the headboard in my bedroom and I luuuurve them).  But each fabric covered button would have cost me over $1 apiece to make, so instead I headed to the bead section and picked out a string of clear acrylic faceted beads!  I got a strand of 10 beads for like, $3 or $4, which was way cheaper for me than using buttons.  

I used pink embroidery thread to do the tufting, which I think kind of brings out the little color flecks in the fabric.  Plus I just really love pink :)

The top comes off, and because the base is (mostly) open on the inside, you can store stuff in it if you want.  I foresee it coming in handy if company comes over unexpectedly...just toss all your random crap stuff in there and throw the top back on!  

Also, it could provide you with extra table space if you need it.  Just pair it with a large plate or tray and use it for your glass and snack :)

I had originally intended for this to be a tutorial post...but it was getting super long with all of the how-to pictures!  I didn't want you to have to read a mini novel or anything, so here is the tutorial on how to make it!  


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