Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY Fabric Flowers

Hey!  So how was your weekend?  I finally managed to bring some peace and order to the war zone that I call my work/craft room.  Doing so took about twice as long as it should have, partly because 1) I didn't want to, and 2) monthly hormones were wreaking havoc on my ability to actually throw stuff out (ie: "I've been holding onto this for 3 yrs now....but I can't throw it out because I might be able to use it someday!").  My husband must have somehow sensed the potential conflict when he saw the chocolate coming out of the cupboard, and wisely vacated the premises for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.  Oops...

So while I was building up courage to clean the craft room last week, I made these cute flower pins!  They are a wonderful example of the good things that can come from procrastination ;) 

I plan on using them on Christmas presents in lieu of bows (for my lovely lady recipients at least...I don't think that the husband would fully appreciate an adorably feminine flower for his work jacket!) You could easily attach one to a lampshade...a purse...some mittens...a hat...the possibilities are endless, so use your imagination!  

The fabric that I used was a lightweight synthetic silky pink material that I picked up in the remnant bin last month.  It can't be a natural fabric because it has to melt when you singe it with an open flame.  

First I cut out a bunch of different-sized circles.  I didn't use a template because they don't need to be perfect circles...just roughly round in shape.  

Then I lit a candle and singed the ends of the circle.  The fabric will melt along the edges and naturally curl upward.  The oh-so-slightly-melted part STAYS hot so don't touch it right away (don't ask me how I know this haha).

Once you're done, layer your circles in the order you want and then tack them together with a needle and thread.  Add some beads or a button for the center, and then a pin for the back if you like.

I added a couple of gold leaves and pinned this one to my coat!  (The leaves are just little scraps of leather than have some well-placed stitches from the sewing machine; kind of like the feathers I made here.)  Have fun creating your own fabric flowers!


  1. Those look beautiful, I definitely want to try them out!

    1. Thank you! Let me know how they turn out!