Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Frame It!

Some of the projects that I've done around the house occurred before I started blogging, so there are a few things that I haven't shown you guys yet!  I have limited pictures of the "during" process for these guys, so bear with me as I drag you down memory lane ;)

One of the projects was the update that I did to our bathroom medicine cabinet.  It wasn't really ugly to begin with...just kinda plain, so I framed it using a piece of $7 molding from the hardware store and glued it right to the mirror with some "liquid nails" adhesive.  I held the molding piece in place using painters tape until the liquid nails dried, and then I used a little bit of joint compound on the corner cracks before painting the molding white.  I love how it dresses things up!  It sure beats going out and buying a new medicine cabinet--those things are expensive.

I really wanted to go with awesomely fancy thick molding, but that would have either cut into the usable mirror space or prevented the door from opening fully, so I ended up using thinner molding--about 1" wide.  It's been up there for a good 1.5 yrs now, and I've never had issues with the molding falling off, so I can vouch for the long term durability of this project!

I also used this same type of decorative molding later on to make custom air intake covers for our hallway when I couldn't find any replacement options online.  Never under estimate the power of a little molding!

Want some more DIY mirror-molding inspiration?  Check out these two projects from A Thoughtful Place and In My Own Style.


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