Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Duo Boots

In case you didn't know already, I am a pretty short person (5'1'' on a good day!), but to top it off, I have ridiculously small feet (and hands!) even for someone of my height.  I wear a size 5 shoe.  Period.  My overall shape is also kind of stocky.  I've got [in the words of Beyonce] a "bootylicious" bottom and legs to match.  My sewing expertise has evolved over the years purely out of the necessity to hem pants!  Who else is with me?!

Anyway, my itsy bitsy shoe size and bigger than average calves have always prevented me from buying tall leather boots.  I just couldn't find any that fit!  So, I was totally thrilled to find DUO Boots earlier this year, where you can pick your shoe and calf size independently to get a pair of shoes that actually will fit you at the end of the day.  

The pair of boots that I ended up with are the "Lucien" style.  These are the second pair of boots that I ordered.  The first pair that I purchased were the style "Aubin," which made me look shorter than I really am (which is saying something!).  I think that it was the buckle/strap details on the boot.  They were also a little tight in the lower calf.  They were really lovely boots overall, but I just didn't like how they looked on me, so I decided to return them and order something else.  

I hit the jackpot the second time around, because I am in LOVE with the Lucien boots.  I ordered the US size 5 equivalent and they fit my foot perfectly--not too tight, and not too big.  They fit snugly all the way up my leg without being too tight in any one spot.  The front panel is flattering to my figure, and they are just the loveliest shade of chestnut brown.  I've been wearing them all over the place for the last week and they are also really comfortable.

The total cost for these guys was $300.  It's not cheap, I'll admit, but you could also easily drop $200 on something in a department store that doesn't fit as well as these do.  Even though I consider myself to be  really thrifty when it comes to spending money (which is why I DIY everything), I do think that these are a pretty good value.  

If you're unsure of what style boot will flatter your figure, I highly suggest contacting the consultants at DUO and tell them your shape as well as your foot/calf sizes.  They'll email you back with some style suggestions that will work with your sizes.  After I got their feedback, I emailed Alison over at Wardrobe Oxygen to get her opinion on what DUO had suggested for me, since she's also done reviews on her past purchases from DUO.  Her advice and suggestions helped me pick out the Lucien style that I ultimately ended up with.  

Once you pick a shoe and calf size, DUO's website will tell you how tall the boot is, so also keep height in mind when selecting a style--especially if you are petite like me.  Really tall boots may cut into the back of your knees when sitting, and short ones that hit at the widest point of your calf will be less flattering to your legs.  I like that my boots are a bit taller in the front than the back, which eliminates this problem altogether.  

DUO also has really good customer service.  My bank practically had a heart attack over the fact that they are a UK-based company and kept declining the charges to my card.  DUO was super patient and understanding after I called my bank for the third (!) time to authorize the charges.  Doing a return also wasn't too painful.  I paid for the return ($20) through DUO's website, and then arranged for a pickup through DHL (the delivery service).  I did get charged an additional $9 international fee during the return (annoying!), but I suppose that you kind of have to expect that when ordering online vs. buying in store. The $9 charge would bother me more if I weren't thrilled with my new boots.  

Of course, because I had never owned tall boots I had also never purchased "skinny" jeans.  As a curvy girl this made me nervous, but I walked right into a Loft store and the very first pair of their "curvy skinny jeans" that I put on fit perfectly and are really flattering.  Oh, and on top of that they are super comfortable.  Umm...yeah, that never happens!  I was thrilled!  

I hope that this review helps someone else in a similar situation.  As always, feel free to shoot me an email if you have any other questions :)  


  1. I just order these boots! I initially ordered the Beaumont, but it wasn't available when I exchanged it for a calf size down. I was torn between the Aubin, Manet and Lucien, reading your review I opted for the Lucien in black. Hopefully it works out this time.

    1. Oh good! I hope that you love them as much as I do!!

  2. Do you not mind the bagginess at the ankle? These looked really strange on my skinny legs.

    1. I don't think that my boots are really baggy around the ankles...gotta leave a little bit of room for my pants/socks after all! The boots do slide down juuust a tiny bit, which may make them look "baggy" I suppose. Of course, my ankles aren't exactly tiny either since I'm so short and my calves are bigger than average. Next time before you order, email Duo and ask them when the ankle circumference is on the specific style boot that you want! They'll email you back and let you know so that you can get an idea if the ankle area will be too tight/big.

  3. These boots are very flattering for your height and propoptions. I'm on the other end of the spectrum, 5'6 with size 8.5 and 30 cm calves (the smallest they make!). After looking at your review I made sure to get customer service advice from them on the style and type of boot that would fit my style and body type best. I ended up with a pair of Ditas and I love them!
    I think that there will always be bagginess around the ankles for movement. Mine have the same and I'll be honest my movement is a little restricted even given the extra material. I guess they could put elastic around the ankle but that would take away from the look and they would wear sooner.