Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting' Squirrel-y

My dad has always had a love-hate relationship with squirrels.  They're pretty cute when they want to be, but those little buggers were always getting into the bird feeder that we had growing up.  During the summer we'd always have a million baby sunflowers poppin' up around the feeder because the squirrels had scattered the bird seed the previous winter.  

So what would be more adorable (and ironic!) than to top Dad's Christmas present with an adorable DIY stuffed squirrel ornament?  

This little guy was actually handmade using a free pattern over at Matsutake.  I probably should have enlarged the pattern .jpg files a little it was, I had to use my eyebrow tweezers to turn his little legs inside out!  

He is the perfect size for an ornament though!  Here I have him just sitting in the tree to keep him from becoming dog food, but when I was ready to wrap Dad's gift, I looped a string through his backside so that I could secure him tightly to the gift.  

The rest of the gift is just wrapped in brown craft paper with a hand drawn design using a paint pen similar to what I did last week (but with a squirrel instead a girly pink flower!).  

So how much shopping do you have left?  I'm just one or two small things away from being done! 


  1. LOL, how cute! My husband is the same way with squirrels, so I made a silhouette squirrel pillow and put it in our living room ;)

    1. Oh what a good idea! That would make a perfect Christmas present for next year!