Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sitting Pretty

So last weekend I gathered the two furry little babies up and took their picture for some Christmas cards!  It was not easy to get Max and Brooklyn to sit next to each other and look at me without running around and playing/biting each another.  Note the little rug underneath them so that their feet don't slide out from underneath them while sitting on the hardwood floors!  

They sat like this for approximately 30 seconds...

"Yay!  This is so much fun!"

Then they started looking around for better things to do.  

"Hmm...I wonder if Mom will give us a treat after we're all done?"

Eventually, Max (and then  Brooklyn) laid down...they kept eyeing the biscuits that were in the other room.  

"Dad!  Come set us free!"

Annnnd then, they resigned to the fact that they were tied together with Christmas lights like two cute little presents.  C'mon guys, smile!  

"OK, we give up!"

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  1. Your doodles are adorbs! I'm thinking I need a couple more myself (I have a monster 100+ pounder) I was utilizing your tutorial on floor poufs (thanks!) and found myself here. Thanks for the help and the laughs.