Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trees the Season

Last weekend I finished up a good chunk of holiday decorating.  There's nothing more festive than lighting up the house with twinkly Christmas lights :)  

Our house is not very big at all, and to top it off, our awkward L-shaped living room doesn't present many opportunities to actually fit a Christmas tree in there.  That--combined with the fact that my two doggies believe that the entire house is their playground--makes a full-size tree an illogical choice unless I want to be picking it up off the ground or refilling the base with water every 5 minutes.  Sorry guys!  

Last year we were prepared to completely forgo the whole Christmas tree experience, when I finally broke down and bought a cute little tabletop tree when the husband was away from home for VW training mere days before Christmas (because he wasn't there to stop me bwa ha ha!).  Little tree = little mess, annnnnd since it was sitting on a table, it didn't look like a fun plaything to a certain furry animal.  It worked out perfectly, so I went with the same route this year.  

I decided that pink and white is an acceptable Christmas color combination, and that since the husband wasn't helping to deocrate, he didn't have much of a choice ;)  I decorated the tabletop tree using some vintage pink and white Shiny-Brite ornaments that I've slowly been collecting throughout the past year.  I also cut up a pearly floral arrangement piece (from the fake flower section at my local craft store) and wrapped them around branches.  

Aren't these clip-on bird ornaments adorable?

A blank wall space in the living room was practically screaming "bedazzle meeee!"  so I put up a string of lights in the shape of a Christmas tree.  

 I even decorated the "tree" with paper half-circles sewn together into a paper garland and DIY pink fabric flowers that I made a few weeks ago (attached to the garland with a hot glue gun).  A felt flower serves as the tree's "star."  Ahhhh...so pink :)

Have you put up any decorations yet?  


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