Monday, January 21, 2013

Tested and Approved: Low Fat Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

I'm starting to revamp my eating habits, so when I came across these low fat blueberry muffins made with oatmeal and whole wheat flour on Skinny Taste, I figured that they were worth a shot!  I've made recipes from Skinny Taste before, including this baked potato soup, which both my husband and I really like.

I made them Sunday afternoon.  Here they are!  Don't they look good?  They are super tasty.

There are a couple ingredients that can use substitutions...I ended up using skim milk instead of almond milk, and honey instead of agave.   I didn't food-process the oats before soaking them in milk and everything turned out fine.  I also used frozen blueberries that I picked this past summer.   I thawed them out and patted them dry before mixing them in with everything.  

After I made them, I finished up some Craigslist hunting for a specific kitchen appliance.  More on that later this week ;)

After hunting around online for 20 minutes, I walked back out into the dining room--

A certain naughty little puppy (Brooklyn!) had eaten 7 of the 12 still-warm muffins!  I caught him red-pawed with the 8th one in his mouth.  I banished him outside for a while, and ended up giving the 8th muffin to my other doggie (Max) since it was already covered in drool and I knew that he hadn't been involved.  Brooklyn ended up not getting any dinner that night because--let's face it--he had already had a decadent meal of delicious blueberry muffins. What a little booger!

So I guess that I can honestly say that these muffins got the seal of approval from everyone in the family!  

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  1. Awww, I have to be honest I love naughty furry critters ;) It shows their own little minds. LOL, sorry! He does look darn cute out there.
    I love almond milk by the way, it's so yummy. I have to start making some skinny taste too, since I've still been packing on the winter padding on my rear.